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    與HS AUDIO簽訂網站建設合同


    項目名稱:HSAUDIO網站建設 簽訂日期:2019-06-12 公司簡介: HSAUDIOisaprofessionalmanufacturerofpro-audioproductsinChina.Specializesinres

    項目名稱:HS AUDIO網站建設



    HS AUDIO is a professional manufacturer of pro-audio products in China. Specializes in research, developing, manufacturing, sales and technical services, With Excellent quality, Advanced technology, and Sincerely service to all the customers.
    Main products: Line array speakers, Pro-Loudspeaker, Monitors, Sub-woofer, Karaoke system. Analog amplifiers, Digital amplifier, Digital processor, Power distributor, Speaker components, Accessories and so on.
    OEM / ODM: We do the OEM and ODM services for customers. We have many OEM products available for selection. And ODM is one of our R&D business part too, we do the products according to your design and requirements. Based on our high quality products, strong technical support, advanced production equipments, as well as our wholehearted service and competitive prices, more and more clients choose us as a long-term business cooperation partner.
    We are so much expect to cooperate with you in a good, and long-term business relationship! And to get the double win!
    Your supports and advice would be highly appreciated. 

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