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        與Guangdong Yuanfeng Craft Com.,Ltd簽訂做網站協議


        項目名稱:GuangdongYuanfengCraftCom.,Ltd做網站 項目網址:www.guangdongyuanfengcraft.com 公司簡介: GuangdongYuanfengCraftCo.,Ltdwasest

        項目名稱:Guangdong Yuanfeng Craft Com.,Ltd做網站



        Guangdong Yuanfeng Craft Co.,Ltd was established in 2008,which has specialized in the artificial craft product with over 10 years experiences. Now we has more than 50 employees,3000square meters for factory building,10 production line. Yuanfeng Craft can manufacture and sell our own products,including preserved moss panel,artificial moss panel, artificial cherry tree,artificial bamboo,artificial grass wall,artificial rose flower wall,artificial garden grass.Now we can produce more than 20 categories of artificial plants.Our company has taken part in exhibition of Canton Fair in Canton.Because we can supply both good quality for product and service, many customers all over the world wish to cooperate with us.Our products mostly export to USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Europe,Japanse,south korea and South East Asia about 30 countries.These artificial craft products can be used for 5-8 years.It can be exerted in wedding decoration,anniversary and party.There is a professional team with rich experiences in our company. Welcome to provide your request for products.We can customize the products according to your requirements.Welcome to our factory for a visiting.Contact us at any time.

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